Ability to export to multiple targets at one time

It would be nice if I could automate the export to multiple dj software packages in 1 click. Currently, I keep my library up to date with:

  • Rekordbox
  • Engine DJ
  • Virtual DJ
  • Serato

Sure would be nice to be able to export those all back to back, with 1 click.

Why do you always export to all 4 though? My advice would be to only sync to a DJ app when you actually want to use it.

Exporting to multiple DJ apps simultaneously is not something that is in line with how Lexicon is supposed to work.

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I do my work, then want my drive to work on either Engine, or Rekordbox, or serato. I could be playing on any of the above systems, so for me, keeping my library 100% in sync and playable on all systems absolutely is part of my use case. I have 1 system that is the master and the others are the slave.

This works perfectly fine, and honestly makes a lot of sense for a DJ who could potentially hit multiple DJ systems at any given time.

I understand that you didn’t think about this use case, but that doesn’t make it bad, or invalid. I would argue one of the main things people will use this for is to keep their library ready for any scenario… be it a CDJ3000 or a serato dj controller, all is ready to roll.

To me this is what lexicon was always about, and it works perfectly at this task. Are you sure others aren’t interested in this use case? I would wager I’m not alone.

Sorry, I don’t mean that it’s not a valid workflow because it certainly is. The idea behind Lexicon is that Lexicon becomes your central (master) library and if you need to on RB, or Serato, or anything else then you can Sync and you’re done. So it’s more reactive to a certain situation (e.g. knowing that you’ll have Serato tonight then you Sync Serato).

By always syncing them to all DJ apps (besides the technical and UX challenge) the problem is that the data goes outside Lexicon and then you lose data because those DJ apps simply don’t support what Lexicon has. I don’t really want that to be a “normal” workflow. The normal recommended workflow is to do all prep work in Lexicon and Sync to a DJ app whenever you need it.

That’s fair, however the workflow I suggest also works with Lexicon being the central truth.

In actuality, I am using Lexicon more frequently as the standard truth, and then export to multiple software solutions.

So, assuming Lexicon is the truth it really doesn’t change the fact that I want to export to serato, engine, rekordbox and virtual dj every single time I export to 1 of them.

Everything I have is on 1 drive, so having it just work no matter where I am is a HUGE bonus.

Yep I understand. But it’s not that simple to add and I think it would confuse the UI and I’m really trying to be careful not to end up with an app riddled with options that new users can’t understand anymore. That’s the danger of trying to please everyone.

That’s fair enough, perhaps in time a path will become clear. Thank you for being a dev that listens btw. It’s quite a refreshing experience to have such access to a product during development. Thanks!

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