Adding a prefix number to tracks rather than playlists

Is it possible to add a number depending where it is in the playlist to the track title for sorting? I know this sounds odd but I need to convert all my files to mp3 and want to retain the same order of the files in the playlist as they are in date order. then once I’ve converted and added files I can remove this.


You can add a prefix to any field in the tags via the recipes panel but it wouldn’t add an automatically sequential number to them, it would be a one at a time thing, so probably not massively useful.

I did double check for a playlist track number as they have in some other software, maybe this is something @Christiaan could implement? But not sure how difficult it would be

You should use Find Lost Tracks to change file extensions after converting the files. Then you don’t need to mess around with workarounds like this and your playlists will keep working.

See Guide: Changing file extension without losing cue points | Lexicon - DJ Library Management