Additional metadata visible in duplicate scanner

While the duplicate scanner works great there are some use cases where it doesn’t really have all the data to make the best-informed decision. Here’s an examples:

An original release of a song from 2010 and then a re-release on an album in 2020. I’m usually happy to condense this kind of duplicate, usually favouring the re-release which has been mastered better but track year is a pretty important piece of metadata for me and I’d rather have the original release year as that’s more useful when constructing sets from a given era.

The solution for this might need some further thinking but if we work off the existing UI perhaps additional meta fields could be added using the comparison boxes next to cues/plays/etc (perhaps letting users choose which fields are important to them) and then use the same functionality that lets us choose the cue points from the non-selected track (though I’d suggest these don’t need to be put behind a right-click, simply clicking the respective box should select it as the preference to keep) to allow us to effectively combine the meta data we want into the track being kept.

As an extension to this it would also be good to see if any Lexicon tags are set for either track. I’m assuming these already get merged on duplicate completion but if not that would be good to have as well.

I agree on the fields, it should show more but there isn’t much room for that now. I’d have to rework the UI a bit there. I might do that later, there are some other upgrades for the duplicate scanner that I also want to implement.

Yea just putting in my long term wishlist :wink:

Maybe we need a special category for that lol

It all goes into one of my todo lists so it’s never forgotten. If I don’t want to build it or I don’t see it as a good fit in Lexicon, I would say so :slight_smile: