Beta .22 Bug Reports

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Lexicon version: Beta .22
Operating system: Mac

Downloaded and installed new 2.2 beta and cannot play any files, receive the following message in the screenshot:

Same Problem here

Thanks! This is fixed in the beta update released just now :slight_smile:

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Another Bug:

If you wan’t to play a track from Beatport or Shazam you always get the message:

“Unable to play: canvas width exceeds limit”

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Where are you playing these, in the track browser? I only get the normal “streaming tracks not supported popup”

Got the message when I click “Play preview”
and this message:
Bildschirm­foto 2022-11-13 um 11.47.01

Bildschirm­foto 2022-11-13 um 11.50.17

Thanks, will be fixed in the next update!

Very nice Player Layout- all Pioneer Fanboys will be happy- but what about the Denon DJ users… lol

Good work :+1:

A new color theme for the 3 band waveform is coming to make it a bit more Lexicon :slight_smile: The blue/yellow will stay available though

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Bug in beta 24:

When I load tracks for the preview from Beatport lists for the first or second time, everything works.

When loading more tracks, the red error message appears from above. (Unable to play: canvas width exceeds limit)

After that, no more tracks can be loaded from the stationary playlists!

I then have to restart LXC for it to work again.

System: MacBook Air I7, OS Ventura

Thanks, longer previews from Beatport are the culprit, will fix that too :slight_smile:

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