Does full sync merge or replace?

If I sync my VDJ library into Lexicon, and then I am making changes in Lexicon, but also making changes in VDJ. What happens when I full sync back into VDJ? Is everything I did in VDJ lost? Like if I modified cue points and tags in both apps.

Ful Sync mirrors your VDJ with Lexicon. So any track or playlist that does not exist in Lexicon is removed from VDJ.

If you just want to add to VDJ, do a Playlist Sync. Nothing will be removed from VDJ.

I mean I am changing cue points on tracks that exist in Lexicon and VDJ. I don’t want to have to sync each time I want to make changes in either app.

If you change cues in VDJ and also change them in Lexicon, a sync with that track in it will overwrite the VDJ cues.

If you want to keep changes you made in VDJ, you have to import them first (and that overwrites the cues for those tracks in Lexicon)