Duplicates not working

Hi everyone. I’ve just subscribed to Lexicon for the first time and paid for my first month. I primarily wanted the software to find my duplicates and clean up my library. I used a test folder of 18000 songs and it did manage to find about 7000 and I’ve deleted them. Unfortunately there are lots that it didn’t find. I ran the scan on the remaining 11000 tracks and it tells me there are no duplicates, but my library still shows lots! Any ideas why they wouldn’t be picked up? Some are even from the same album in the same folder (possibly with a slightly different filename)

The duplicate scanner finds duplicates in two ways. By exact audio matches (this is very strict) and through tag matches. For the tag matches, the artist and title need to be identical.

I can’t see in the screenshot what columns those are, but if those are title and artist then they should be picked up by the duplicate scanner. Unless these are archived tracks, archived tracks are not considered.

For more info, see: Find Duplicates | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Hi Christiann
Yes they were in Artist and Title but didn’t get picked up.

Can you upload your Lexicon database? From the Help menu. I’ll take a closer look here

Alright I made the duplicate scanner a tiny bit less strict so it should pick up more of your duplicates.

It skips missing tracks though, so it will never find those as duplicates.

Thanks - I’ll give it a try. They were only showing as missing tracks when I sent it to you as I had not plugged my hard drive in!

New version is better - found another group of duplicates. There are still quite a few duplicates in there with ‘slightly’ different names or durations but definitely an improvement. Thanks!

Yeah these slightly different names aren’t caught but I have plans to add a “fuzzy search” option to also find near-matches.