Engine DJ Playlists good on computer after lexicon export, are incomplete or empty on hardware

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Lexicon version: 1.1.26
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:
When I try to export the modified playlists to Engine DJ, the modifications show up on the computer Engine DJ application (2.3.1). This includes cue points added to songs via Lexicon. When I take out the external drive and search my playlists on my Denon Prime Go (2.3.1) the playlists show as empty, or severely incomplete.

However, the cue points I added to songs via lexicon are indeed there on the songs.

Step by step to reproduce:
Export to Engine Library (lexicon).

Add external drive to Denon Prime Go (hardware)


How did you send your playlists to the Prime Go? Did you Sync from Lexcion directly to the Go? Or did you use the Sync Manager in Engine DJ desktop?

I have tried both methods. Same result

Can you try the latest beta version? You can change to beta in the Lexicon App Settings

Updated to beta.

(1) Exported on Lexicon via the export tool. Opened the Engine DJ desktop app, used sync manager on Engine DJ. Same result. The Engine DJ desktop application sees the Lexicon modifications. The Hardware does not recognize the modifications.

My thoughts are perhaps the library the Desktop sees and the library the Hardware sees are different? I suspect such an issue would be mitigated by the fact that the Sync manager is used.

Also, different issue now. I cannot get the app to open after closing it after installing the beta version.

The beta has a weird shortcut problem for some users, try following the shortcut and opening it from there.

I’ll need your Engine databases to further test this, so I can compare them.

Can you zip and send me these 2 databases:

  1. Your main Engine database, it is at Music/Engine Library/Database2/m.db
  2. Your hardware Engine database, on your USB or external drive at Engine Library/Database2/m.db

And can you tell me which playlist you are looking at that works in Engine desktop but is empty on the hardware?

Is there any solution on this, I got same problem… no backup

@NLSDTHC I tested your databases and I looks like the external database is referring the tracks to a different hard drive, so it’s not looking in the right place. I don’t think this external was created directly by Lexicon, but maybe the Engine sync manager did this.
Using both Lexicon and the Engine sync manager might be the reason this happened. I’m not sure because I don’t know what the Engine sync manager does exactly under the hood.

What you can try is completely emptying that external drive and then syncing again from Lexicon. It will copy all your music again and then it should work.

Well that didn’t work. I deleted everything from my external drive. I exported using lexicon to engine dj. It did not copy the music. I had to recopy all of my music folders directly from the backup. After exporting from lexicon, I have a “Engine library” folder. However, when I open Engine DJ it does not pull up any of the songs or playlists. In fact, it does not even recognize that there are songs on the external drive.

Did you choose the external drive as the Target Drive option on the Lexicon Sync page?
If Lexicon can reach your music (nothing showing as missing) and you choose the target drive then Lexicon will copy the music there.

see screen shots below. I am working form the most recent beta version

And after the sync, there is no music in F:\Engine Library\Music ?

It should copy it there, unless the music was already on the F: drive.

The music was already in the F drive. I deleted it as per your instructions. then I tried to sync lexicon. All it copied was engine library file and two random folders. see below. All my music files are located in a different folder, not under the subfolder engine library.

But where is your music now then? I was under the assumption that your music was on your internal drive, since you plug the external in your Denon hardware.

All of my music is on my external drive. Everything is on my external drive. I do not use my internal drive. I reanalyzed all of the music on my external drive on Engine DJ. Now what do I do?

The external drive has a new engine library file as created by Engine DJ.

Okay, so just to confirm before I test it here:

  1. Your music is all on the external F drive
  2. Your library is in Lexicon and all your music works there, and refers to the F drive
  3. You synced to Engine with the Target Drive set to F
  4. You plug the F drive into your Denon device with USB
  5. Now playlists are mostly empty on the Denon device

Is that all correct? Then I will test that procedure here

I got it to work. Here is what my process was from the very beginning

  1. Backed up all of my externally stored music
  2. Cleared USB drive completely. Essentially making it a new USB
  3. Copied all music files back onto external drive
  4. Opened Engine DJ and had Engine DJ re-analyze all of my songs from scratch
  5. Closed Engine DJ
  6. Opened Lexicon Beta (most recent)
  7. Exported My lexicon to Engine DJ on external drive
  8. Opened Engine DJ - which recognized my Lexicon Library - exported to USB via Sync Manager
  9. Opened the external drive on my Prime Go - The hardware recognized all playlists

However there is an interesting issue now. Now it seems that Lexicon is not seeing the source files for the music. See below image. I am hesitant to import the Engine DJ library to lexicon since we have made so much progress.

I think maybe you are misunderstanding the Target Drive option.

When you use Target Drive to an external drive (or USB), then you usually don’t want to use Engine DJ desktop anymore. It’s meant to replace that step and you can plug the USB directly into the Denon device.

In your case, you are sending your tracks to a USB/external which then Engine DJ reads as USB. So syncing from that USB back to that USB with the Sync Manager is not standard.

What you would normally do is one of these 2 things:

  • Sync to Target Drive Desktop, then use Engine DJ Sync Manager and send tracks to the USB
  • Sync to Target Drive F:/ and don’t use Engine DJ at all

ps: I’m off for today, late here

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