Feature Request: Total Time for Playlists

Hi, I think it would be useful to have a Total Time for playlists. E.g if you have 10 songs all 3 minutes long in a playlist, display somewhere the Total Time as 30 mins.

I think this will help people with prep for their set. For example, if you know you need to do an hours worth of music for background music, you could easily see if you’ve got enough to cover it.

I’m a Serato user but I’m pretty sure VDJ does this.

Currently I add it up in my head, but think it would be great for it just to be there in a suitable place :blush:

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Thanks, good idea!

What I’ll do is change the Edit popup where it shows Duration:

If more than 1 track is selected, it will show the total duration there.


That will brilliant thanks Christiaan :blush: