Having Issue with MP4 Beatgrid and Cue Points

I’ve gone back and for the a few times and realizing there is some type of issue happening.

So in Lexicon when I line up beat grid to my MP4 files: Right Click, Analyze Tracks, BPM & Beatgrid, it wlll line up all the files on beat grid in Lexicon. I then will use Generate Cue Point and all the cues will be on the beat grid. I sync the changes to my serato, then when I open serato the beat grid and the cue points are all off. Basically slightly ahead of the one where the beat grid should be.

So I reanalyze in Serato which gets all the beat grid correct but not the cue points (since we can’t move multiple cue points together). I close serato then sync it back to Lexicon. Open any MP4 file and the beat grid is off again.

Not sure why this is happening or if i’m doing something wrong but I could use some help as this is starting to frustrate me. Thanks!

This is probably the beatshift problem. Can you send me a few of your problematic MP4s? I’ll give them a test here and see if I can fix that for you

You can upload directly to me with this link: http://upload.lexicondj.com