Import and Sync After a Gig

After a gig (Rekordbox in performance mode) I would benefit and perhaps others could utilise an optional extra step before importing and merging back into LXC.

Before the sync/import there could be a comparison/highlight of what has changed in RB since last sync or have the LXC track count in paranthesis like the info from RB so we know there has been a change.
After the import a report of what could not be deleted or discrepancies in RB so we have a list of what needs to be manually removed when we go back to RB.

At a wedding or other open format gig so much can happen and you work out of multiple playlists. Sometimes creating playlists we won’t need again so being able to remove clutter immediately will help keep organised.


This would be quite a huge change so not something I want to do anytime soon. But to improve this workflow, it’s better to delete/change tracks in Lexicon instead of Rekordbox so you can completely avoid this problem.