Import complete but with warnings: Report

Hi Christiaan,

Any idea why some tracks are not importing into playlists?
Library Import (Serato) 2023-06-12.txt (2.8 KB)

Could be several reasons, there is more info in the logs. Often they are harmless tracks, old stuff you don’t even see in Serato

Where do I find the logs and can I see names of tracks that are missing?
Some of these are crates built with Crate Hackers and I’ve never deleted stuff from them or anything.

I noticed this last week when I reimported also but left it.

Not that I’m reimporting often at all, it should only be these two times as I’m trying to fix that Auto Gain issue I had.

All was good this past weekend as after I created the cloud backup and brought it back down to my DJ laptop, in Serato on the DJ laptop, some tracks still had no auto gain info so I reanalyzed just the crates I had built for the gig.
I have just gone into my prep Desktop and reanalysed the whole library again in Serato on there and that is the reason for reimporting to lexicon again but should be the last.

Actually, I just cross referenced both last weeks import error and this weeks and they are exactly the same.

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. I’ll check for you

Sorry for the delay, I’ve just sent the logs and database although things have been written over a few times now. I have also moved on to a MacBook pro for my main DJ computer that I am currently setting up and I will start another thread about that do do with Local Path Mapping.

Not seeing much in the logs… Is this still a problem?
I’d need your entire Music/_Serato_ folder and then I can test it here. Upload link

I don’t know.
I’ve done what I needed to, reimporting the whole library twice and I’m hoping I don’t have to do it again. Lets leave it for now.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to come back into the prep desktop from the new Mac with any edited crates while playing out now I don’t have a laptop with symlinks but I won’t know till next week. Taking windows out with me still this week.
Thanks Christiaan.