Import priority of cues


I wanted to do the following query:
If I have a “Track1” file in 1 playlist (PlayList1), in a folder (Folder1) with its cues and then I import another playlist (PlayList2) with the same file “Track1” in another folder (Folder2) , cues are overwritten?

Track1 will still be the same track, even if it is in multiple playlists. So importing Playlist2 with Track1, will update Track1 everywhere

So does that mean I can’t have a track in 2 different lists with cue points at different positions?
Let’s imagine that I have Track1 in List1 that I want to mix with Track2 (with cue points for that specific mix), but I also have Track1 that I have in List2 and want to mix with Track3 (so the cue points can change).

No, that’s not possible. That’s really not what you want 99% of the time.
The only way to do that is by copying your mp3 and