Imported Beatgrids from VDJ are not accurate in Lexicon


So i have created a workflow where i import new songs into vdj for Beatgrid and BPM analysis and then merge them with my serato library. The Beatgrid detection in vdj is accurate and on point,but after sending the files to Lexicon,all beatgrids are off and i cant find any specific pattern to the shift.
A. Is there anything i am doing wrong?
B. Which of the dj software programs will you say lexicon reads well without issues with beatgrids etc etc.(maybe i can rely on that software for my grids )

workflow = 1. let lexicon watch my downloads/main music folder for new songs
2.Drag songs into a vdj sidelist for analysis
3. Import Sidelist(playlist) into lexicon with instructions to import only BPM and Beatgrids

Did you run the Beatshift Correction utility? Top menu bar

Your tracks may be affected and the utility fixes ~95% of them.

Sadly, all DJ apps are affected by it. It is the number 1 most frustrating issue when working with multiple DJ apps.

Sorry for my late reply.
DO i have to run the beatshift correction utility before importing from vdj or after importing from vdj into lexicon?

After importing, so your tracks are in Lexicon. Then run the beatshift utility and then sync to your desired DJ app

ok Thanks… will do that and get you feedback