Incoming Folder rule based upon bitrate


Is there a way to write a rule (or can you add that ability) so you can change the behavior of the “complete” function in the incoming folder based upon bitrate?

Situation: I do club gigs as well as mobile DJ gigs (weddings, etc). Club gigs I only use 320kbps+ files. I have my music folder organized as “\music<Genres>” BUT I have a sub folder that is “\music<Files 320kbps+><genres>. So right now, I process through the watch folder, I have a rule setup to rename the files %artist% - %title% and sort by genre to a “ready to sort” folder. Then I manually go through and drag them by bit rate (>=320kbps → that folder). That way I can easily only work with all music in my <320kbps+> folder in rekordbox to make my USB for club gigs.

Example: Song one at 198kbps and Song two at 320kbps, gets moved/renamed from my Lexicon\Watch folder and then lands in \Music\Ready to Sort<Genres>. So let’s just say they are both Bass House. I then have to manually drag the 320kbps one to that folder.

File structure:
\Music\Bass House

\Music\Record Pool and 320kbps+\Alternative
\Music\Record Pool and 320kbps+\Bass House

If there is a work around to do the same within the current feature set, I haven’t been able to figure it out.


Bitrate isn’t available yet as a subfolder pattern, I think that would solve the problem otherwise.

I can probably add something like that although I’d have to think about how that works exactly, because just the option for bitrate would end with folder names like 320, 192, 128 etc and that would be a mess with all the possible bitrates that might appear.

I think there are a few ways to approach it. A simple way I think can be done is a simple logic to change the target folder.

Sorting/Target folder rule "IF [BITRATE] >= 320, THEN [TARGET FOLDER=\Music\Record Pools & 320+] ELSE [TARGET FOLDER=\Music]

Then your standard logic now for the subfolder patterns will then be applied in the logical workflow you have already defined.

Doing something with the subfolder pattern will get more complicated as I don’t want subfolders for 256kbps, 320, 1080, etc…

Hoped that help. Trying to think of some way to do this within Lexicon. I can probably write a script in powershell to do it automatically if I put some thought into it but was hoping the above idea is a relatively easy add (drop down for your available ID3 tags for example). With a clean UI by putting an “advanced options” button or something to keep the main UI simple.

I’ll have to think about it. I don’t think anyone wants a folder for each possible bitrate so I’ll have to make some assumptions there for a good solution

Yes I do’nt want that either. I just re-read my suggestion. TARGET FOLDER is the path, not a dynamic name. Using the fields in the app.

Right now you have a static target folder for the incoming folder settings (when you click “selected” or “all done” with the filename patter + subfolder pattern rules it places all the files in that target path (target folder). My suggestion above is a simple logic (button or advanced sub menu, etc) where Target Folder can be different based upon a simple IF/THEN clause.

I hope that clarified it. I do’nt want any sub folder name or anything by bitrate. I just want to vary the actual target folder by logic.

The work around would be me sorting by bit rate in the incoming screen. Anything 320+ I set the target folder to the destination I want. Then the rest I change the target folder field and repeat. This works for smaller amounts pretty easy. When I still have 1000s to process and many have incorrect/incomplete ID3 data I found sorting by different fields to be much faster to process as there maybe a group of mp3s by an artist I don’t know and I can bulk fix genres and other fields. These have mixed bitrates so this would break up the sorting (even if I use bitrate for primary sort and others as secondary, etc).