"incomplete" Export to Engine DJ

Lexicon version: 1.0.0
Operating system: Mac

**Bug description: **
Engine Players have folders for playlists and display files from all subfolders and playlists when selecting folders. This functionality does not (always) work when exporting with lexicon. All files are exported, and all files are in the final playlists (the leaves so to say), but sometimes, files do not show up when selecting the top level folder. I cannot really identify a pattern to when files show up and when not, but using Engine DJ to export the DB, all files are found in the respective folders at all levels. Attached is a screenshot of the folder structure. I’m uploading a video that shows the behaviour on the prime 4 shortly.

TL:DR: When selecting a Folder, not all files from the subfolders show up.

Screenshot: If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.


Does this happen on clean exports or subsequent exports? Maybe existing folders aren’t getting updated properly?

That was my original thought too. When I tested to export the shown playlist to an existing stick that did NOT have TestA on it, it happpened again. I can test vs a completely empty stick, if you like.

That would be great yeah

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No change on the initial export to an empty drive. My theory right now is:

  • Songs show up on top level folder
  • Songs show up on the leaf playlist (So just the playlist in lexicon, since folder can’t contain files in there)
  • Songs don’t show up in folders between the top level and the leaves.

I have not had this issue, but I have just completed a fresh export this morning, I will test it in an hour or so and see what I get.

Is this when exporting direct to an engine drive that is then plugged in to the Prime player without using the Engine DJ desktop software, or are you exporting via Engine DJ Software?

If I export Lexicon to Local Engine, and then open Engine and export to Drive, alle is well. Direct exports from lexicon to external drive have the issue, though.
If I export first using lexicon, and then add files via engine, only the files added via engine show up in the middle folders.

Ah ok, I have just checked with my export and all is fine, but then I wouldn’t add tracks via engine, I would go back and add through Lexicon

That’s what I say though. If I add tracks from lexicon directly to external drive, without using engine, then the problem arises. Using only Engine, or using engine as an intermediate, it works. Using only lexicon, it does not. Do you use a three folder deep situation like I showed in the image above? Playlists in a folder work fine for me, it’s folders in folders that are being problematic.

Ah ok, so I have a couple of folders in folders, I will check them specifically when I get home

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So, I have tested and i don’t see the same issue, my export to a blank drive from Lexicon direct shows all files in all folders within folders.

Which version of Engine OS are you running on your players?

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Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.1.4
Operating system: Windows / Mac (both)

**Bug description: **
I have described the problem here previously, however the thread was closed since I was unable to update in time. Please see this thread for a description of the error: "incomplete" Export to Engine DJ

I have done further testing, and the error happens on every export from lexicon. It doesn’t happen on export from engine DJ Desktop, so I doubt this is a hardware problem (Engine OS 2.1.2.)
Tracks that are exported from Lexicon do only show up in the top level folder and in the final playlist, but not in the folders in between. Tracks exported from Engine DJ show up in all folders.
Again, I can provide a test database with a playlist to recreate the problem if this is helpful.

Thanks, that makes sense, I think I have a good idea where I can look for this problem now.

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Is this in between thing still happening? I just tested it with and without pre-existing (empty) folders but it always fills in the folders in between with the correct subtracks of the deepest playlists.

Testing it with this structure:

I never had this exact issue. I only get empty playlists.
Collection and Complete folder/playlist-structure is intact so that’s a good thing! only the lists are empty… i tried to make a playlist outside a groupstructure

Also empty.

Now we discussed this in dm, is it because my music is stored in a folder on an external drive that is also been set as my default music folder?

That is an unrelated issue

I’ll try to test it this week. Super swamped with work and family right now. My impression last time was that the folder contained all tracks it should contain, so very carefully lean towards this is fixed now.

do you import from

export to

Internal or External ?

I always thought that because my music is stored on an external sd & my default music folder is also that sd card … i needed to use External…

In the end i needed to use Internal (because default musicfolder is an internal handeled process…)
and it worked again…

I know my issue is unrelated but maybe handeling that specific detail can have a similar outcome…