Is it not possible to import smart crates anymore?


Ever since Lexicon 0.34.something, I have been unable to import my Serato library (i.e.: importing says complete and then says I have no tracks), so I have had to import my playlists.

Generally what I have is a regular crate, and then I have a smart crate below it. E.g.:

--- [Crate] DnB & Jungle
  |---  [Smart Crate] Drum & Bass
  |---  [Smart Crate] Jungle

Then in my “DnB & Jungle” crate would be all my DnB and Jungle tracks. When I exported to Engine Prime or RekordBox, “DnB & Jungle” would be converted to a playlist (or I forget what Dennon calls it…), and all of my tracks would be in there. Also the smart crates would be converted to regular playlists (which is fine for drilling down).

Now, I’m not able to import my Serato library wholesale and have to import certain playlists… This seems to work on the importing, but the smart crates are not selectable anymore…

Am I doing something wrong or is it just not an option anymore?


I posed this question to @Christiaan recently, and this was his response:

Yeah that’s normal because to know what is in a smartcrate, calculations need to be done and they can only be done after the crate has been converted to a Lexicon smartlist and then we need the entire pool of tracks in Lexicon to know which are in that smartlist

Basically it means that if you have a smartcrate with 1 track, Lexicon still needs to import all tracks to know which that 1 track is

What StuR said is absolutely correct. Just to put it a bit simpler: In a normal crate, a list of tracks in the crate is saved to the database. Easy to read them out and import them. In a smart crate, no tracks are saved, but a list of rules to include them. No way way to read the tracks out without checking each and every track against the rules.