Issues with Cloud Storage and Path mappings

Firstly on this page about Path Mappings it says “You can find the Local Path Mappings in the Lexicon settings, under App Settings.” I found this option but the location has changed.

My question… I’m using “Cloud Storage” to sync two of my DJ computers but I’m running into a problem with “Local Path Mappings”.

On my secondary computer when I use the “Find Broken Tracks” feature to restore the files from the Cloud Storage I select a custom download folder, when I hover over the (?) next to this feature it says “Lexicon will download all missing files into this folder and update your database so your tracks will work again.” the files certainly download but Lexicon doesn’t seem to update the database so tracks will work again.

What I did notice is the location which it downloads the files into “D:/Sean/DJing/Music/” has all files in a single folder, it doesn’t replicate the original folder structure. I presume using “Original location” would do this but I need a different location on this computer.

This is an issue because tried to setup a Path mapping from “D:/” to “D:/Sean/DJing/Music/” but this doesn’t appear to work my tracks are still showing as “File not found”

Here’s the mapping I tried, I was hoping this would work as a wildcard:

It appears I would need to setup a mapping for every directory? Of which I have to many to make this a viable option.

I’m unsure if I’m missing something here, or if this is a bug/unfinished feature?

Normally you can do two things when restoring cloud files:

  1. Original location: this only works if the computer/disks support it (for example, if your tracks are on D: then the second computer needs a D: drive too)

  2. Download folder: this puts them all in one folder and it updates the locations in Lexicon to those. That’s what it means that the tracks will still work.

Have you tried turning off the local path mapping on the second computer? Because the above 2 options don’t require any path mapping. The path mappings are useful when you have 1 place with all your music, like an external drive that you move between computers or a Dropbox folder but your computer username is different.

Just letting you know I’ve now sorted this issue. I tried it a few times yesterday and couldn’t get it working but maybe I missed something at the time. Reran the process today and its working.

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