Issues with iTunes xml back to iTunes

Hello I’m loaded my iTunes into lexicon and edited all my tracks and updated albums titles, year, genre, artwork. I followed the steps for importing the xml to iTunes but it created a new music folder instead of using the old folder with the songs already there. It also looks like the folders that generated in the new created folder aren’t updated like the original folder that looks updated when I view it. The song files seem pretty good in the iTunes but it seems a lot of the names still have the www. websites in the title when I already removed all that in lexicon. What is the issue for me??? Is it cause I exported the xml as full instead of just playlists? Was I suppose to leave my original iTunes the way it was instead of create new library. Looking for a more detail explanation on steps for using xml file to reload your iTunes

You have to create a new library yeah. When it is empty, you can import the XML that Lexicon creates.

The 3 steps shown when you sync and save the XML are the only steps there are. Maybe you need to try again, I’ve seen iTunes being stubborn and not wanting to delete a library. Then it will automatically load a backup and you’ll still have the old information.

The important part is to hold OPTION while opening iTunes after deleting the library file. Then create a new library with the same name Music and it should result in a completely empty iTunes. Then you can import the XML.

but do I have to have a new folder with the song files on my ssd? I have my music on my ssd with 378GB now when I used lexicons XML it created a new music folder with 378 GB. Is that also how it works? cause now my SSD has 760GB which isn’t ideal

Also ive always used iTunes to organize and create playlists. Do you suggest I do it in Lexicon instead?

Using Lexicon would make it much easier yes, see The Lexicon Workflow | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

I think maybe you deleted the wrong file? You should only delete the Music library file, not the entire Music folder.