It is not possible to import folders with . in the name in the playlist panel

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.1.14
Operating system: Mac

Bug description:
To import folders as playlist, you can drag them in the playlist side-panel.
If the folder name contains a ., Lexicon will do nothing.

Step by step to reproduce:
Create a folder with . in the name (example Best Dance 98.1 Club Edition)
Drag the folder in the playlist side-panel
Nothing happens

No screenshot available, but if wanted I can try to record my action?

Thanks, sounds like a bug. I will check it out.

You can create folders & playlist names with a ., but the drag-and-drop does not seem to like the folder with a . in the name.

@Christiaan Where you able to reproduce the issue? Or is it something on my Mac only?

I guess a work-around would be to rename the folders, but not sure if Lexicon has a re-locate option that search from a root folder.

Yep, it’s already fixed. It will be in the next update, hopefully I can release it today or tomorrow.

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Hi @Christiaan

I have the latest version and I can drag&drop folders with . in the name.

There is a new side effect:

Example: Dance Train Club Edition 2000.3
Results in: Dance Train Club Edition 2000

See screenshot:

If you drag multiple folders with “.” in the name, only the 1st folder gets imported.

Example: Dance Train Club Edition 2000.3, Dance Train Club Edition 2000.1
Results in: Dance Train Club Edition 2000

Thanks, I’ll take a look

Should be fixed in the next update

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