Keeping playlist folders closed

Hello, I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now. I enjoy this app & do ask all my DJ updating on here. I’m used to dragging playlists & folders on iTunes & moving crates up or down in Serato. I have an extensive library with many crates & sub crates (playlists & sub playlists) …how can I get the folders on Lexicon to remain closed when I’m dragging up or down while rearranging? I find myself constantly having to re close every folder. Thank You, in advance

There’s no way to keep them closed when dragging over, but you can close all folders with the Collapse Playlists option under View

Thank You. That really helps a lot. I’m almost embarrassed I couldn’t find that option on my own.

You can assign a keyboard shortcut to it too, that makes it very quick :slight_smile: