Lexicon deleted Serato Cue Points

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Lexicon version: … 1.1.20
Operating system: Mac (remove one)

Bug description:
I use Lexicon to import from serato and export to Engine. A few imports ago, Lexicon removed a ton of my cue points. I would say about 70% or more. It’s strange because I do not export from lexicon to Serato.

Step by step to reproduce:

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I ran into this problem too, this will be fixed in the next beta build. So it will be fixed for everyone when the beta build goes into the stable build (end of the month probably).

Stinks — Almost two decades of cue points gone in a flash. I think I’ve backed up since it happened, as it took me a while to realize it happened.

Any suggestion on how to get them back? I experimented with the autocue point feature, but it’s not accurate and created more work than it saved me.

Did you ever import your Serato library into Lexicon? That Lexicon library will have your cue points

Yeah, I import from Serato to lexicon and then from lexicon to Denon. They are missing in Lexicon too.

You can check the backups in your Documents/Lexicon/Backups folder, there may be a backup in there with all your cues.

And when you sync to Engine, Lexicon creates a backup in the Engine Library/Database2/Lexicon folder that contains backups too. So if you ever had the cues in Engine, that folder might have a useful backup too.

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