Lexicon doesn't read metadata for some tracks anymore

Lexicon version: 0.3.43
Operating system: Mac

**Bug description: **
I think that this is a regression in the newest version. I re-loaded all my tracks to make use of the new List handling. about 100 out of about 6000 now have no metadata fields at all, only “title”, which defaults to the filename. I checked the tags with several tools, and even deleted and rewrote. They seem to be in order. I also see no pattern connecting the files. It’s not only files with lists as tags, for example.
I am 99% sure that this happend in the newest version and that the tags in the older version worked fine.

The tracks loads and plays fine, but an error is thrown: Unable to load all track data, file may be corrupt.

Just double checked: V0.3.43 loads the metadata from these tracks without problems.

Not seeing that here on any of my tracks. Can you upload one of yours?
Can you try resetting Lexicon so it clears the temp folder and try again?

Yes, I can. Stupid question: where would I upload to?

Here: http://upload.rekord.cloud


I uploaded a few files that exhibit the problem. I noticed that whole albums tend to be affected, but not exclusively.

Thanks. This will be fixed in the next release, this week

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