Lexicon names all cue point when synch back to Engine DJ

I having an issue when synching my library from Lexicon back to Engine DJ.

How to reproduce the issue:
Create cue points in Engine. You have 3 options how to name them (1. keep the default name "cue1, cue2 etc, 2. rename them like you want, 3. remove the default name and keep it blank).

So for me some cue points have specific names and for all the others I keep them blank.

Now I synch to Lexicon. All tags are same as in EDJ.

You can see, cue point number 2, 3 and 7 are blank. This is fine so far and as I want them.

But if I now synch back to EDJ, the empty cue points are now filled again with the default “cue xx” name which I don´t want. I want them empty. as before.

So is there anything I do wrong with the synch or is this an known behavior?
Will this be fixed?


For reference my synch options:

Thanks for reporting this.

This appears to be what Engine does automatically when a cue name is empty, it will turn it into “Cue 1”.

I just tested it with a single space instead of a totally empty cue name, Engine will keep it empty too. So I’ll change it to use that instead. This will be in the next update, probably next week.

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Sounds great!

Thanks for fixing this

Means for me now removing these “cuexx” again for my 1368 tracks where it appeared :sleeping:

Try the Replace cue text recipe :slight_smile: Will save you some time

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You made my day!!!

Huge thanks that really saved me a big time!!

At least in Lexicon now everything is fine.
Waiting for the next week update and then hopefully EDJ is also clean again

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Cool! Glad to help :slight_smile: You’ll see the update appear automatically

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