Lexicon overwriting Rekordbox My Tag structure

I had My Tags in Rekordbox nicely organised in groups but when I sync back to rekordbox from Lexicon they are all now in one list called lexicon tags and each MyTag is named in the format: group name then an arrow and then MyTag name after it. Is there a way to stop Lexicon updating MyTags or at least have it keep the same format/structure as I have in Rekordbox. It creates 2 issues… 1. its harder to read in one long list and 2. each tag is now far longer and makes it impossible to use when it adds to the comments field. Hope that makes some sense lol :slight_smile:

See this page in the manual: Rekordbox | Lexicon - DJ Library Management at the bottom

If you reduce the tag categories in LXC to max 4, then you will get the normal MyTags experience in RB after a new sync.

Ah Thank you! I completely missed that! PERFECT!

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No worries, easy to miss :slight_smile: