Lost serato library

I purchased Lexicon yesterday and now my entire Serato library is gone……the crates are there but the music is not. Can someone please assist???

Hi! Don’t worry, Lexicon makes Serato backups before it writes anything so you can get everything back.

I don’t know why your Serato is gone, but maybe you did a Full Sync when your Lexicon was (almost) empty? Because a Full Sync will mirror your Serato with your Lexicon so it deletes anything it does not know.

You can restore the Serato backups by going to your Music/_Serato_/Lexicon folder. It should contain a zip file with backed up files. Put the contents of that zip file in your Music/_Serato_ folder.

Do the same thing for each external drive you have that has a _Serato_ folder. Of course, put the contents of each Lexicon backup zip you find in the matching Serato folder above it.

After that you can start Serato and it should be as it was before you used Lexicon.

Then you should go into Lexicon and do a full import (Sync page → Import tracks & playlists button).