Manual tracks de-duplicate

The “Find Duplicates” utility is a great tool and a central component in the clean-up process of my messy track collection.

There are instances where I would like to be able to perform the actions performed by the duplicated tool - i.e. change all instances of the dup tracks in playlists, archive dups, on a number of tracks selected manually. Namely:

  1. Cases when the find duplicates tool does not recognize a dup track in the collection for some reason.
  2. “Non-obvious” duplicates, which are duplicates only based on my reasoning (e.g. better edit\version, explicit vs. clean)

For these use-cases (and possibly others) a manual mode for selecting tracks in the de-dup tool would be extremely helpful. The only workaround I’ve been able to use is to change a track’s metadata until the tool is able to identify it as a duplicate.

Thank you!

I understand the use case for something like this but I don’t really have a good place for this in Lexicon yet.

You do know the “workaround”, to make sure the tags are the same so the duplicate scanner recognizes them. For your second point, you could make a habit of making sure the artist and title tags are the same and keep the other info (explicit, clean, etc) in a different field.

Audio dupes aren’t always recognized because the duplicate scanner is very strict. Better to keep a few duplicates than to delete too many.

One thing that might make the ‘workaround’ of matching the tags then re-running the duplicate scanner more bearable would be making the duplicate scanner able to run in the background and/or be able to jump out of it without loosing its progress.

I don’t mind matching the tags to let the duplicate scanner do its thing but everytime I want to actually run that scanner I’m committing to 20-30 minutes to let it run its scan in which time I can’t really do anything else in Lexicon.

Actually, in writing this out I just had a potential brainwave, to the point of not having a good place for the requested feature in Lexicon yet. Would an option on either a selection of tracks, or maybe a playlist that could run the duplicate scanner on just that list of tracks instead of the full library. You’d still need to match the tags, but rather than committing to a full library scan you could very efficiently get the duplicate scan run on just the tracks in question to process the duplicates super quick then get back to what you were doing.

If that implementation is possible/sounds like a good idea you could potentially take it a step further, when running a duplicate scan on a subset of the entire library there could also be options for looser tag matching that could reduce the need to perfectly match the tags to establish the duplicate.

Yeah I think that is a good idea. I can also add an option where you can choose to only match tags (skip audio matches, they are slow). And then also your idea of loose tag matches.

Should not be a huge change so I’m a fan of this idea! I’ll think about it

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