Maximum number of cues in EDJ

Hi, I have just cueed numerous tracks in LXC. Many of these tracks have 10 cues or more. I start counting from cue number 2, since I want to reserve 1 for the normal CUE (I think EOS uses it for this one). When I have less than 7 cues (starting with 2) Cue1…Cue8 appear on the screen, when I have more than 8, Cue2…Cue9 appear, but it doesn’t show more when i have, for example, 10 cues.

Do you know if it is a limitation of EDJ?

I believe Engine is limited to 8 cues. You can try in Engine desktop, I don’t think you can add more than 8 there either.

I just checked EDJ and yes, it seems to only leave 8 cues.

To mark my tracks I need more than 8 cues and I have already done a job from LXC with numerous tracks.

Since cues always go on top of a timeline, I wonder, in order not to waste the work that I have already done with LXC, if there would be the possibility of importing the surplus of cues, that is, from 8 and up, as anchors.

There’s no way to send them to Engine really. Not sure what you mean by anchor

Sorry, I couldn’t explain myself well.

I wanted to say if there would be the possibility of adding the option to create and memorize loops in LXC, in such a way that, as can be seen in the image, as in EDJ it only supports 8 cues, loops can be used as an alternative.

No, that’s not something I think is a good option to add