New MacBook Pro - Local Path Mappings

Hi Christiaan,

So I have purchased a MacBook Pro as a final effort of rectifying an audio glitch problem I’ve been dealing with for three years and just setting it up.

I am having some issues being able to save the local path mapping, it shows up red and just won’t let me click save.

Here’s what I’ve done…
Installed Dropbox and sync’d all my music locally on the Mac.
Installed Serato DJ Pro.
Installed Lexicon and brought my saved database backup down onto the Mac.
I go into the settings and give it the path to where my music is but the path is showing up red and won’t let me click the green “Save” button.

Do I need to actually import my music to Serato first, I don’t think so.

No rush for this weekend, I’m not taking it out this week but hope to have it with me for next weekend.

What are your thoughts?

Forget it and I’m sorry, I had not selected the Remote path.
All good.

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No worries!