Recipe to increase play count by x amount

Since engine is weird and doesn’t keep track of play counts It would be nice to have the option to have a quick way to increase the play count of many tracks at once.

But if when importing the data back from Engine it wipes the data then this won’t work unless you remember all play counts before they were wiped?

There is a feature request on the Denon Forum for Play count to be added to the prime series OS and desktop software, so fingers crossed

See the other feature request I made that would solve the play count getting wiped issue :slight_smile:

I hope denon just adds this dang feature. Seems silly that it doesn’t exist…

I think it might make sense if a merge import from Engine doesn’t clear the play count. Just because Engine doesn’t support play count, doesn’t mean it should reset to 0 each time you import.

Yeah that would make sense, and then if I were to just pull the history in as a playlist by hand or by creating a new playlist in engine, then running a recipe on those tracks to up the count in Lexcon that would be perfect.

Then that way I could do my play count sorting as a smart playlist and just re-export that to engine after every set!

That makes sense. I wasn’t sure about the play count recipe but that seems like a good way to use it. I’ll look into making a “Increase number” recipe