Rekordbox 6 import failed

the import was unsuccessful. please try again.

error: value “true” with type “boolean” is not falsy: tag may not contain separator character.

i’m on the demo and trying to sync my rekordbox 6 library but only 1000 of 8000 songs sync after multiple attempts with same error message

Hi there!
This sounds like one of your tags has the ; character in it. Try removing that and import again.

Of course this error should not happen so I’ll make sure Lexicon handles it better in the future.

Hi Christiaan,

So i searched inside my rekordbox for the ; character and cleared them from different fields. Now my rekordbox search can’t find anymore. Lexicon has managed to add half my library but still getting the error. not sure how else i can find and clear them. I hoped lexicon would be the tool to help clean up my library of such mess. looking foward to more updates

There is an update coming today that addresses this problem

Thanks the quick response!