Rekordbox Beatgrids have all disappeared

Hi I purchased Lexicon yesterday and did a full import from Rekordbox circa 9300 files. The import reported stated that I has thousands of files missing which seemed strange.

I’m on the rekordbox professional plan and purchased LXC to integrate into Engine DJ as I have moved from a CDJ set up to SC6000’s.

On the professional plan I have a dropbox account and have made the majority of my folders online only. Thinking this might be the issue I downloaded them locally but given the files still reside within the dropbox folder I didnt see this as an issue.

Once complete Rekordbox stated it needed to analyse again and metadata has all been maintained but now there’s no beat grid. Given RB go on about this all being cloud based and backed up. Any ideas how I get Rekordbox back to where it was and so it can transfer to LXC.

any help appreciated

Did you sync back to RB? Normally when you sync, it should keep your beatgrids.
You can analyze with only Phrase enabled and that should create the waveforms if they are missing.

You can always restore a RB database backup, see Backups and how to restore them but it doesn’t contain your beatgrids because they are stored separately and would make the backup quite big.

hi Christian, the grids are missing from within RB? Are you suggesting that a sync from LXC to RB could resolve the issue? I’m a bit perplexed as to how the cloud support within rekordbox has allowed the grids to disappear?

any assistance appreciated

sorry to also clarify the waveforms are present in RB just the grids are missing. I tested one of my tracks in analysing it and grid was not how I have placed it currently so it’s overwriting my carefully placed grids - nightmare!

ps - apologies for the spelling error on your name :slight_smile:

Are the grids correct in Lexicon? If so, then I think you should do a sync to RB and then analyze your tracks with only Phrase enabled.

hi they seem okay - I’ll try it and let you know

thanks Christiaan

it greys out the BPM/Grid with it being ticked - any ideas before I hit analyse?

so I’ve hit CTRL A in collection to select all and hit analyse with only phrase enabled. This is really painful as I know have to wait for over 9000 tracks to be reassessed, is it always this complicated?

Normally only new tracks need to be analysed with Phrase enabled

Okay so whilst it is analysing the tracks I have a sinking feeling that the comments field I painstakingly add for each track my energy levels (not Camelot) will be deleted.

Is there a possibility i can get this back from RB servers?

hi Christiaan, so after leaving my rekordbox overnight to run the analysis, my comments are still intact thankfully but all the tracks don’t have a beat grid, the waveforms are all intact but no grid.

I’ve raised a ticket with Pioneer to see whether I can restore a backup from their cloud.

All I wanted to do was to migrate a carefully managed RB collection into Engine DJ but I’m failing miserably. Any help appreciated

I don’t think RB can help there, I have no idea what they have on their servers but I don’t think they have your library.

I still think you have backups available because Lexicon doesn’t do any writing without making a backup first. Can you show me a screenshot of the backup rekordbox/Lexicon folder with the full path showing? I can tell you if that is the right place.

And make sure to backup your Lexicon library because if you can’t recover anything, Lexicon still has everything so that will be very important.

hi sorry where do I find the path to share with you?

Here: Backups and how to restore them

Look under the Rekordbox chapter. Replace user with your own username of course.

hi Christiaan,

I’ve been speaking to Pioneer to help restore my RB files but they have now responded with the below;

Lexicon software is third party software that we never support.

We know this software directly modifies rekordbox database and often makes the library corrupted.

Unfortunately, we can not provide any support for the issue caused by third party software.

Thank you for your understanding.

Pioneer DJ Support

This is really worrying as I’ve used RB for over 15 years and now I’m faced with all my files in need of a new analysis. Please can you help me. I’ve upgraded my Lexicon plan to pro for enhanced support. I can happily share with you the library files that I gave to Pioneer which they have commented have become corrupt due to the introduction of Lexicon.

hi Christiaan

are you able to help at all?

any assistance appreciated

Is everything still in your Lexicon? Your tracks, playlists, beatgrids etc. Because if it is, then you can still restore it by doing a Full Sync.

Also I can help faster if you come to Discord for a chat

Hi Christiaan,

I did enrol with discord but I get an error message saying safari doesn’t recognise it. I can get in but not sure how to post etc.

back to the RB issue when I originally did the sync it said that loads of files were missing on the notification report in Lexicon