Smartlists wont stop loading

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Lexicon version: 1.3.4
**Operating system **: Windows

Bug description:
Since recently my smartlists will not stop loading anymore. Selecting any smartlist will result in the Loading… screen running indefinitely. The screen persists if I select other smartlists (even normal once, which otherwise load fine). The only way to exit the loading loop is to open all tracks via the pol left play button.

I cannot tell what caused this behaviour. It might have been the recent update, although I’m not sure how I would have missed that behaviour for so long.

Step by step to reproduce:
In my library, open any smartlist. I’m uploading Database and Logs shortly


Do you have the Is file missing rule in your smartlists? It forces a re-check on your entire library so depending on the size and hard disk speed, it can lock up Lexicon.

Edit: checked your logs and seeing errors, will fix that!

Appears your database has been corrupted, maybe power failure?

The database integrity check doesn’t pick that up properly yet, but I’m looking into that.

Thank you! The fixed copy works fine, much appreciated.

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