Some issues with the recipes


  1. This is what happend when i try to copy “size” to “comment” field:

Could has it solution to copy in MB?

  1. This happend if i try to copy “filetype” to “comment” field:

My target is that comment tag/field contains the text: bitrate kbps - filetype - filesize (Mb)

Size is a number in bytes so I think it simply copies the actual number. I can adjust that so it sets the text that you see, eg “12 MB” instead of the full bytes.

Filetype is a “virtual” field, it doesn’t actually exist because it is simply based on the track location (eg .mp3). I will look into that and see that it properly copies the expected value, eg MP3 there.

Yes please.

I think that if the fields are in the dropdown, the correct thing would be for the recipe to be operational and, I believe, that in this case, the source field should be copied to the destination field with the same content and format with which it appears.

Please, when do you think this fix might be available?


I have taken the opportunity to test the copy of the other fields, finding possible improvements in 2 more:

  1. BPM copy to comments:

I think it would be better, leaving it with 2 decimal places.

  1. Duration copy to comments:

I think it would be better to leave it in “hours:minutes:seconds” format.

Both dumps, in short, I suggest, as I said above, with the original format of the source field.

Thanks, you’re right. I will fix the BPM field too.

Will be in an update in the next week or so.

Excuse me @Christiaan

I have observed that in the new today update -Version 1.1.8 (2022-04-05)- the copy of the “duration” field has not been corrected, a huge number continues to appear, which I think is the milliseconds.

On the other hand, the file type field has disappeared from the dropdown to select and copy.

Any special reason or explanation for this?

Must’ve missed duration. I’ll get to it

And what about filetype field?

It’s a special “virtual” field, it doesn’t really exist. So you can’t copy to it. But it should be available as a source field. I’ll look into that

Yes of course. I need the FileType field, not to copy in said field, but to copy the content of said field (FileType) to comments tag/field, but now it doesn’t appear in the dropdown source list.