Sync from Engine add tracks double to my library after Engine DJ firmware update 2.3.1

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.1.26
Operating system (remove one): Windows 10

Bug description: I try to sync from EDJ as I always do it., now Lexicon adds 851 tracks to my library (9 of these tracks are actually new ones, the rest is already excisting)

Step by step to reproduce:
Open Lexicon
import tracks and playlists from Engine
Library has now 851 tracks more which are 2 times now in the library
If I select Playlist instead of full and mark all playlists, he sync the correct amount of tracks (1452).
If I select “only new tracks & playlists” Lexicon also adds the 851 tracks

Status Library before sync 1452 tracks:

Sync settings (like I did many times before):

Status Library after sync 2303 tracks:

Thanks for reporting this. Can you upload your Lexicon database? From the Help menu. Mention this forum topic in the description please.

don´t know what happend but it doesn´t have this bug today anymore. Also all back up´s which where created yesterday with the bug are fine now.

I just deketed yesterday thge double tracks and that´s it. hmmm.
So can´t send you a file then. I will keep an eye on it

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