Sync/Import History Log

My workflow involves doing some stuff outside of Lexicon like adding new cues, tweaking beatgrids and rating tracks in Rekordbox while mixing/streaming which means I need to regularly sync and import between Lexicon and RB to keep everything up to date on both sides.

What would be handy to have is a little history of previous syncs/imports, maybe in the notifications popout window that persists through Lexicon being closed to keep track of things. Then when I open up Lexicon 3 days later after doing a show I know at a glance whether I remembered to import back from RB before changing anything in Lexicon.

Log messages could ready something like

Synced %PlaylistName% with Rekordbox on %datetime% OR
Synced X Playlists with RekbordBox on %datetime%
Imported %PlaylistName% from Rekordbox on %datetime% OR
Imported X Playlists with RekbordBox on %datetime%

Might be a better way to store this history and might be other things worth logging in a similar way so feel free to share additional thoughts and ideas on this

I would like to add a good, user friendly, logging interface at some point and something like this would be a good fit there. But Iā€™d have to clean up the current logging and add more logging where it makes sense for the end user to know about things.

For now, the information you want is already available in the log files but not very user friendly

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