Syncing with Apple Music

I have all of my music organized in Lexicon. I’m considering importing this into iTunes, but have a couple questions:

  • I assume I should uncheck > Settings > Files > “Keep Music Media Folder Organized?”
  • Do I need to change the location of the Music Media folder in Any other settings I need to change?
  • If I check > Settings > General > “Sync Library” (so my Lexicon library is available on mobile devices via, does it break?

Yes, definite uncheck that because otherwise Apple Music will copy your files without asking.

You don’t need to change any media folder location, no settings need to change.

Once your music is in Apple Music again, you can sync to mobile but I can’t really say that will work 100% because I’m not sure what it all does there. It might break after you import again after that, since you have to delete the Apple Music library to import.