Waveform loading causes jittery playback on AirPods Max

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Lexicon version: 1.3.8
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description: (This is less of a bug and more of a feature request, but since it causes app jitteriness I’m hoping it could be treated as a UX issue.) Each time a song is loaded, it loads the song waveform, which takes about 10 seconds. This causes the song playback to stutter when the system output device is AirPods Max.

I assume this happens on other AirPods or bluetooth headphones/speakers. When listening on MacBook speakers, I don’t hear (as much of) the issue.

Is it possible to cache the waveforms locally on macOS so song playback doesn’t have this hiccup?

Thank you!

Step by step to reproduce:


This is a weird issue that is related to Mac itself. If you change output device, the jitter sometimes stops so it’s something that Lexicon causes but the real problem lies in the audio drivers from Apple.
I’m trying to reduce the jitter with each new version so this is on-going.

Ok — thanks for the info and the quick reply!