What is a more efficient way of doing things

As far as adding new tracks to rekordbox, what would the best more efficient way of, naming, adding artwork, arranging then adding/syncing to RB, or drag and drop direct to RB, let it analyze them, then import to LEX?

I’ve been doing the later, which seems more time consuming. When i do sync to RB6 I also end up with a lot of duplicates. My bad for the long winded question, experience. Any tips or advice would be greatly greatly appreciated, I have quite a big collection been trying to clean it up.

Thanks guys n gals!

The fastest way would be to drag tracks into the Incoming page in LXC (or use a Watch folder). See Watch Folder & Incoming Tracks | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

The incoming page is your track todo list, so fix and clean your tracks there and mark them done as you go along.

When you want your library in RB, do a Full Sync to RB. Then to see your album art in RB, you have to reload the tags.

thank you for the advice Christiaan! one thing I noticed when reloading tags in RB is that it will do this (Laffy Taffy OMNOM) reload tag = Laffy Taffy Omnom/OFDM Records) I’m sure ill figure it out, solid work per ushe my dude,

My main “issue” is only one program can be opened at a time for sync/import
Which should I open first? I don’t like to use the watch folder because I keep everything in my original Mac downloads folder, so if I set it it starts to import music from years and years ago which I haven’t gotten around to deleting, stuff from high school lol
One more “question” I noticed the Playlist sync and the Full sync are 2 different things, as in if I sync my Playlists folder one set of music imports to RB, and if I full sync, the playlists stay the same but the collection is modified,
When using the dupe finder I’m always worried that if I delete the wrong dupe after unlocking it will delete it from a playlist (I have some songs in multiple playlists for compilations, is there a way to set a preference in Lex to save the newer version of the duplicate and archive the older one? Odds the newer duplicate track will be worked out to be in the right place, I set a pref to choose the track that has more plays but it still chose other tracks based on quality and cues,

anyways take care chrisiaan much love

How do you mean that only one program can be opened at a time? You can sync to as many DJ apps as you want.

You can run the Find Duplicates utility and go through all the duplicates and archive the old ones. If the old ones are in a specific folder, you can use the Prefer... button and use it to prefer tracks in a certain folder. Using Find Duplicates will keep your playlists working.