Working with fields and metatags


First of all, sorry if I didn’t put this post in the right category. I am new and, at the moment, I do not handle myself with ease in the forum.

I would like to explain that today I tried to merge 2 fields into one: Bitrate + Comments in Comments, with the "kbps - " separator. I have found that if a track has no comments, it leaves me just the kbps value, for example 320, when I would want “320kbps -”. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s the expected result. The point is that there is no functionality to concatenate fields or work with text strings. Therefore, I think that feature for text fields would be interesting: Comments = Bitrate + "kbps - " or Comments = Bitrate + “kbps”. You could also add some condition of the type “when” File type = “MP3”.

On the other hand, Serato doesn’t have the option to work the “rating” tag, people do it by including in the comment field as many “asterisks” as there are stars in the rating field. Would there be the possibility of this conversion?

Finally, I don’t see the Filename column, from which some important information could be obtained.

Also, I don’t know if it would be complicated to be able to construct the file names based on the value of the tags, just like managing fields.

I know I’m asking a lot, but I hope to help with these ideas to make this application bigger than it already is and can potentially be.


I would leave a +1 for custom concatenation strings. Most players have limited space to display comments, and using this space effectively would be really nice.
Also for mapping, I would love to be able to map more freely. Prime Engine for example doesn’t display “remixer” anywhere, so I’d actually like to map that to somewhere else, for example.

Sugar for an already powerful tool, but might be worth considering.

Hi @Keno
Please, what’s the meaning and utility of mapping fields?

You can use the text prefix and suffix recipes to add “kbps” to your comment field. So you’d have to do 2 recipes. One to copy the bitrate and then suffix.

For the Serato rating field, there is a Field Mapping available. That adds stars into a Serato text field.

I’ll look into adding more field mapping fields. Just going to have to inventory them all again and fill in the missing gaps.

@Keno Engine has “Mixartist” which I think is Remixer

Yes it has the field, but the hardware doesn’t display it anywhere. So there’s a usecase for mapping it to somewhere else, e.g. the comment or the track name. I’d really like to map stuff to track names for denon exports…

Okay, I see. I will think about that

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