2023 Best Beat Grid DJ Software?

What is currently the most accurate beat grid software to use for setting best grids on an entire music library? (Around 30,000 songs). Songs have been ran through Platinum notes standard setting converting all into 320 bitrate.

Is Traktor, Serato, Virtual DJ, Recordbox or Lexicon the best at this?

What is the best workflow from start to finish, each step of the way for a whole song library?

Probably Traktor, although I don’t know if that changed in the last year or so.

You can add tracks to Lexicon and into a special playlist. Sync that playlist to Traktor. Analyze that playlist in Traktor. Import that playlist back into Lexicon with the Merge option enabled and the Specific Fields option set to Beatgrids. Then it will only import your beatgrids.

Unfortunately I can’t find much on the internet regarding beatgrids except for a handful of posts. Almost all mention Traktor as the best however one post mentioned Serato being slightly better.

Are you saying that I can create a 30,000 song playlist with Lexicon and then sync it with Traktor? …or am I misunderstanding? I just want to analyze beat grid only on Traktor. Then all that is left for my library is running everything through Mixed in Key for an accurate “Key” analysis.

Yes you can do that

For Mixed in Key, just let it write to the Key tag and reload that tag in Lexicon

I use Serato, Virtual DJ. (will try and see how well I like Traktor also). How do I keep the other software Like Serato or Virtual DJ from creating/maing their own beat grid after I add my library to their software??

They won’t add a beatgrid if you use Lexicon to sync your library to those apps. They will only add a beatgrid if one didn’t exist yet.

Thanks. It’s all coming together finally. What was it I remember hearing about with you and Aaron from Crate Hackers?
I thought there was some way to get cue points and other data if you are a member of Carte Hackers or Crate Gang?
I’m a member of both? Is there something I should be doing to set things up better?

Not anymore, that doesn’t exist anymore

Hi Christian. Can you please elaborate on how to do this? How to sync the playlist to Traktor and then import back to Lexicon wiith “merge option”?

It’s easy:

  1. Go to the Sync page, put it on Playlist
  2. Choose any playlist
  3. Sync to Traktor
  4. Analyze that playlist in Traktor so the tracks get a beatgrid
  5. Go to the Import page in Lexicon
  6. Make sure the Merge with current library option is enabled
  7. Optional: Click Specific Fields and select the fields you want to import. If you only want to import beatgrids, just select that one.
  8. Import and your tracks will be updated