Ability to ignore fields on import/export

This is slightly related to my engine play count issue. I would like to be able to import an engine playlist created on the players or from the history feature without merging metadata like play count.

This could also be useful to import/export from traktor since i have different workflows and organization types based on what software im using.

However I think it will be more useful when importing back from engine so I can keep Lexicon as my “source of truth” for my music library.


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This is something that’s been requested a few times already, definitely something I want to do but haven’t had time for it yet. It will happen though!

Awesome! Thanks!

This was pretty much only a request because of the Engine DJ play count thing. If you do the whole not zeroing out the play count when importing from Engine that would solve my immediate need for this feature. However there are plenty of workflows I could think of that would benefit from this feature.

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