About Lexicon Duplicates System

Good Morning Discord, I’m new to Lexicon and have difficulty with the duplicate system I have on Serato or in my music library in general. I have done it twice already first time I almost cried cause I had to go over 13,000 songs and today over 700 songs. My problem is that I feel like my duplicates from Serato aren’t deleting and it’s adding songs that I have in one crate into a whole other crate where it doesn’t belong. I have a 15-inch MacBook so in Serato I use to have my crates spread out so I could see the whole title name and when I opened my Serato today all my crates were back to normal when you first make a new crate. Can anybody helps me where I could tell that my duplicates are being deleted or if im doing anything wrong please cause I have so many duplicates and trying to get rid of them

Sorry i didn’t put it in the discussion but if it deletes duplicates from Serato does it also deletes it from my music library I have in the music tab as well like from hard drive ?

This video explains the basic of removing dulicates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlOZJj1Bljw