Add a "Add to Playlist X" Option for incoming Tracks

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
I would really appreciate, if the incoming Tracks Feature could not just move the files, but also add tracks to playlists.

How will this feature help you and others?
When i buy tracks, i usually want them in a playlist i’m planning to use and not just somewhere in the collection. If i buy a lot of tracks from different genres, i currently have to goo back to the collection, and put the tracks in the playlists manually.

This feature would be a huge timesaver for me and hopefully a lot of others.

DC Message:

Isn’t CTRL+A and then drag into a playlist fast enough?

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I usually add a lot of files at once, so they go to different playlists. However i have just found out that you can add the files to the playlists BEFORE marking them as done. I thought this might cause Problems with the afterwards changing File location, however it does not (which makes perfect sense, if i think about the process happening in lexicon).

Though i still think this is helpful in order to be able to keep track of what gets put in which playlist when importing many different incoming tracks (Have i put it in yet? Have i not? Have i dragged it to the one below or on top? )

I don’t think that would help that much with knowing which you dragged it in. I think the manual way from the Incoming page is enough now.

You might want to consider using smartlists combined with tags. Then you can just set the tags on each track and you don’t need to drag them into playlists anymore.

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