Add option to remove all copies of a track in duplicate finder screen

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
Delete tracks from the Duplicate Screen completely… from the results page whilst you’re there… you might decide you’re done with a certain track so have the option to delete all copies

How will this feature help you and others?
Please explain how this helps you and other users. Keep in mind that feature requests that are too specific may not be added.
Typically if tidying your duplicates up you’re tidying your library so get rid of stuff you find in those results you no longer play… When I say delete, add to the archive list then delete from hardrive if that makes sense so process remains the same…

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
Please let us know if this feature already exists in any other software. This is helpful to understand the problem and perhaps come to an even better solution.
No, not aware

Does a workaround currently exist?
Please explain how you currently deal with the problem.
I don’t, I just have to go into Rekordbox and find the track and delete manually from there…

Not sure I understand. You want to delete tracks but that is exactly what you can do from the Archive?

While going through the list of duplicates, you can also assign all the tracks in the duplicate group to archive if that makes sense as opposed to leaving just one from the screenshot. I.e. if I didn’t like “Ill be your friend anymore” I could assign all to archive…

Okay so instead of keeping the one good duplicate, you sometimes want to just completely get rid of all of them?

Not sure it makes sense to add functionality for that in the duplicate scanner because it’s not really a tool to listen and curate your music. I would just accept the default option and let it archive the rest. Then go through your music and delete/archive the one remaining track. At least you know there is only one to find then.

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