Add the ability to use multiple filters in smartlists using 'ALL rules' and 'ANY rules'

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?

I have set up numerous smart playlists in my previous music management software (itunes) to automatically make a playlist of my recently downloaded music in a specific genre based on BPM (Example above). In the example, Drum and bass can appear in half-time (80-90 bpm) or full time (170-180bpm.) If I were to set the smart list rules to match ALL of the rules given it would give me zero results as no music can be both bpms and if I set the rules to ANY I would have thousands of songs in the playlist as it would pull any music in any of the bpms. Therefore, having the ability to set 2 filters - an ALL filter to find all the tunes added within the last 2 months AND then apply an ANY filter to filter out the 170-180 and 80-90 bpms, it allows me to have a playlist consisting of purely my newly downloaded dnb in both half time and full time.

How will this feature help you and others?
It will greatly improve the functionality and utility of the smartlists. allowing for more intelligent playlists.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
Yes, this feature is available in iTunes and it is very useful.

Does a workaround currently exist?

I responded to your mail but I’ll post it here again for others:

Your mail got me thinking about how I wanted to handle this situation, because it’s been asked before. I don’t want to add the same controls iTunes has because I find it too advanced/confusing for new users.
So now I’ve come to the following conclusion, which you will be able to do in the next update:
Under the “In Playlist” rule there is now a “In Smartlist” operator. With that you can make two smartlists, one that targets all your DNB with 2 BPM ranges and the ANY option.
The second smartlist has a rule to only show the most recent tracks and a reference to your DNB smartlist, with the ALL option.
The result of the second smartlist is only your most recent DNB, I think that’s exactly what you want :slight_smile:

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Thank you Christiaan! Apologies for the bombardment haha! I discovered these forums after emailing you.

I really appreciate your response and I believe the implementation you described will work nicely going forward.

Many thanks!

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