Adjustable column-width for short text

Is it possible to adjust the column width for Key, BPM, Color, Duration - these take up an unnecessarily large amount of space with short text - see screenshot

I agree but I don’t know of a way to make them smaller because when you hover over them, the search box will get clipped in a very ugly way. Now that could be something we can just accept but it’s so bad that I don’t really want that :confused:


Like this

Hmm - with Serato, Rekordbox etc. you can increase or decrease the column width with the mouse. Then every user can decide for himself whether he can live with the result.
Such an option would be a sensible solution, right?

Yeah but there is no search box in the header there

That wouldn’t bother me - I can then widen the column if necessary

I’ll look into it again and see if I can find a solution that works for everyone

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Worked something out, will be in the next update

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Can you move the primary search box out of the headers so we can do the CTRL+F to search on the side and we pick which header(s) to search?

Also maybe a menu for the headers on MS Excel:

Next update also has a global search popup in it, try that out

is this the popup?
This is kind of difficult to use. Can it not be a popup?

Can you give me more detailed feedback?

How about to make it “optional” to have search in column? For instance I would never search in BPM or COLOR, maybe just “sort” by it. So you can let user choose if the column is “searchable” and if so, it would also set its minimum width.

Check out the Lexicon beta, you can make them smaller now

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Looks great- thank you