Advice on organization & workflow

I’m new to lexicon and loving it so far. I have a few goals I’d like to accomplish and I’m looking for advice on the best way to go about it. For context I’ve used Serato for a few years now and slowly making the transition to CDJs (rekordbox).

In the past I’ve created playlists/crates by set so my music isn’t really organized at all and lives all over my hard drive :grimacing:. So one of my primary goals is to use Lexicon to organize my music. I think the ideal structure for my music would be /Users/me/Music/DJ Music/genre/subgenre/track.mp3.

I’m thinking I could just move all my music to the watch folder and organize from there. My questions/concerns are, this may leave a lot of my Serato playlists and musics in a broken or lost state. Also I really want to preserve my hotcues/loops/playlist/metadata from Serato. What’s the best way to go about this programmatically and should I import things from Serato (and rekordbox) into lexicon first?

You’re right in that moving your files around will break your playlists.

The way to solve that is to import from Serato first and then let Lexicon move your tracks. Once done, full sync to Serato and Serato will have the same playlists/crates with the new locations, so nothing is broken.

This guide explains how Lexicon can automatically move your tracks in an automatic folder structure.

After reading the guide, this will make more sense:
You can set the first subfolder pattern to Genre and the second to First tag and assuming the first/only tag is the subgenre, you will get the desired folder structure.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need help with it

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to me it starts with the source.

The location of the files & their filestructure.

I use the free app called > mp3-tag

I fill in the Title / Artist / Genre / … collums (the more you fill in, the more you can use to organize later on in other apps)

using the image button. I can manage the filename. getting it to look like Trackname by Artist.mp3 in my folderstructure.

i use following script: %title% by %artist% (under the blue selected script you see how it will look like)

I find this the most ergonomic way of organizing music before importing it to other apps.
(if there are tracks with featering artists or remixes i make a choice: to make it look like this:

Title: Trackname (ft. artist) (this way you ‘declutter’ the list of artists in your archive
Artist: Artist
if you use the image button with the %title% by %artist% script.
your file will look like: Trackname (ft. Artist) by Artist

If it’s a Remix:
Title: Trackname (ft. artist)(Artist Remix) (this way you ‘declutter’ the list of artists in your archive
Artist: Artist
your file will look like: your file will look like: Trackname (ft. artist)(Artist Remix) by Artist

I find it very important to let my musicfiles go through this app 1st before using it.
If you get those fileds filled in perfectly, you will enjoy the apps like Lexicon, Rekordbox, Engine, Serato, Traktor waay more (imo)

From that moment on it’s finding your way by try & error i guess :smiley:

Hope this helps

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I like the idea of also renaming the source file. The manual that Christiaan shared mentioned that you could move and rename the file. Though it doesn’t support the pattern you outlined for featuring artists and remixes.

There will be a tool in Lexicon in the future that lets you rename your files to anything you like so that will be super helpful here. I can’t say when yet though, I have a few other big things to finish first.