After event with changes made in Serato

Hi Christiaan,

I was wondering if it’s possible to get my Serato database back into LXN after I do a gig where I have added songs to crates during and made slight cue point adjustments or comment renaming edits so I’m not overwriting that information.
I have tried to import my database on my DJ laptop after the gig back into LXN and then backup that database to the cloud and then restore that backup on my prep desktop but it is not working.
An example is this…I have a crate inside the gig folder for guest requests and anything I know ahead of time goes in that folder in LXN before I sync to Serato, all good…but as requests come in live during the gig, I also drop those tracks in that same guest request folder and I would like to keep that info going forward and not lose that gig crate information.

I am also having a strange issue happening when syncing to Engine DJ for my ceremony and cocktail system. Not all but some of my cocktail lists are also including songs that are not supposed to be in that crate or playlist. The cocktail playlist is a sub crate under a crate called “Specialty” where there is another sub crate for Dinner but my Cocktail list also includes music from the dinner list even though they are separate playlists in LXN.
Any ideas? I’m going straight to the drive I plug into my Prime Go and not through the Engine DJ app.

If you make/update a playlist on the second computer and upload that database to the cloud, then restore that database on your first computer, you should get an identical Lexicon.

For the import, make sure to turn the Merge option on and the Only new tracks & playlists off, then it will update existing tracks and playlists.

I’m not sure about your Engine issue, can you make a new topic for that? With screenshots of the missing tracks

I’ve done that and the playlists showup but they are not populated with the tracks, in fact non of my playlists have any music in them now. I of course didn’t send that to a backup to restore on the main prep desktop though. lol

And if you delete one of those playlists before importing them again? Are they empty then too?

I don’t know. I’ve gone into Serato on my prep desktop now and added what I did at the gig on Saturday and then imported that back into LXN and then created a cloud backup and restored that on the DJ laptop (2nd machine). I’ll try that after this weeks gig.

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It seems to be only when I’m trying to import a playlist even though it shows on the import page that there are tracks in the playlist. I just did a full import and the tracks show up in the playlists that way.

Thanks for that! It looks like it was a bug in the Serato importer when doing a playlist import, will be fixed in the next version.

That was quick, thank you. Works now for playlists with the update.

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So, going back to this point after this past weekends gig and trying to get everything back over to my prep desktop.

On my DJ (2nd computer) I have just tried to import the guest requests crate from the gig but the same thing is happening as last week. The crate shows 9 tracks in it and I’ve made sure merge is on and only new is off but the crate/playlist comes into lexicon empty still. I tried a full import and all playlists are empty.

I restored my database and then went and deleted the empty guest request playlist as you mentioned to try and see what happens…same thing, it creates the playlist in lexicon but it’s empty.

Is your desktop also on the latest Lexicon version?

yes, updated both on Friday.

I haven’t got to the desktop yet, I’m still needing to get serato changes into lexicon on that laptop before i create a database backup to send over to the desktop,
Was that last update beta or stable? I have my DJ laptop set to stable.

hi @Christiaan, I’m still stuck here with not being able to import a playlist from Serato into LXN that had tracks added to while gigging, they just come into LXN empty. I really need to be able to have this working because this week, I’m going away and will need to prep for next weeks gig on my gig laptop and I’m hoping to be able to do what I would normally do in Lexicon but instead of on my prep desktop, on my gig laptop and then create a cloud backup to be able to get it over to my backup laptop and also back to my main prep desktop later.

When you import from Serato, do you have the Only new tracks & playlists enabled? Try disabling it, because when enabled it will not update existing playlists. So if the same playlist already exists in Lexicon and is empty, it will stay empty.

If that’s not it, I can definitely take a look for you this week.

Sorry for the Delay Christiaan, No, “Only new tracks & playlists” it is not enabled.

Okay, then I’ll have to look at your Serato database and see if I can give you a better answer.

Can you upload your Lexicon database (Help menu) and link this topic?

And also zip and upload your Documents/_Serato_ folder? You can upload directly to me with this link:, also add this topic link please.

From which computer, my main prep or gig laptop?

The one where the import results in the empty playlist.

Can you also put the name of the playlist in the description of the upload please? So I know where to look

I just sent you the files and linked the thread.
I had an issue zipping the serato folder because of characters so I deleted that first and also added a folder showing two screen shots of that in case that has anything to do with it but shouldn’t.

I also forgot to mention the playlist…
2022 - 08212022 Melissa & Thomas - Dancefloor - Guest Reqs Plus - G Requests

Not sure how this is going to work though because there isn’t even a crates folder showing those crates in the serato folder.

No rush at the moment, I’m prepping for this weeks wedding so I will bring the requests from last weeks over manually in serato on my prep desktop and import to LXN on here, which works. Just can’t import any playlists containing song on the gig laptop.

Thanks for your time.

Do you have a _Serato_ folder on any external drive too? I need that one too then, the crates must be in there

I can see in your logs that the track in your G Requests playlist is failing to import but it does import normally here.
According to the logs, the crate says one of the files is located here:
d:/dropbox/music/master dj music/serato music/01. - hoops 1 year party tag.mp3
but the track is actually here:
C:/Users/Marc/Music/MASTER DJ MUSIC/SERATO MUSIC/01. - HOOPS 1 Year party Tag.mp3

Which of those is the right one? I’m thinking it might be a problem where Serato relocated the files in the database but not in the crate files.