After export to Traktor all Cover Arts are lost!

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Lexicon version: latest
Operating system: Mac

Bug description
After export to Traktor all Cover Arts are lost.
New analyse or check constensity does nothing


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Traktor doesn’t have a way to reload cover art, so it’s problematic to get your cover art in there. I don’t really know of a good way yet.

I’ve had mixed results with deleting the cover (right click tracks), then restart Traktor and then loading a track. For some tracks that loaded the cover art and for some it didn’t. You can try that but I can’t give you a perfect way here…

I now have the solution for the cover problem:
Basis: there is an old Traktor database that already contains covers.

  1. Back up the existing Traktor database or search in the Traktor backup folder for one that was created BEFORE the Lexicon import.

  2. Now import from Lexicon- all covers disappeared

  3. Import old database - you will be asked which tags you want to use - confirm the file tag here.

  4. Run Check Consistency - all covers are back :slight_smile:

A bit cumbersome but it works

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Good find! Wish there was a simpler way though

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