After installing 1.6 the PREVIEW is missing

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Bug description:
The PREVIEW is missing after installing 1.6

Right click your tracks → Analyze and make sure Waveform is checked. Waveform previews need to be generated before you can see them

I had waveforms on all the songs before I updated too 1.6.0

Did you use the beta version?

No, I didn’t use beta.

Then you didn’t have preview waveforms yet, so you have to analyze to add the waveform

I’ve been using Lexicon for quite a while now, and I had analyzed all the songs in the library, so they all had previews.

No, because previews did not exist yet. You have to analyze with the Waveform checkbox selected to create the previews

Then I must have had the beta then, because I’ve had the preview for a long time.
That is why I reacted when I opened version 1.6.0, and saw that all previews were gone.

When I start a song, the whole preview comes up immediately. This means that the songs have already been analyzed, but that the preview does not appear until you trigger the song.

No, when you load a song the waveform is generated on the fly. The preview is only added after song load is complete. OR when you analyze your tracks in bulk

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